Version 3 Solid State.
!!!Spice simulates self running solid state energy circuit!!!

Under construction

Version 2 relay circuit

The toroid has to few turns so I did not try to convert back to DC.
It does allow connection of the power at that center point, and acts like a choke.

As it is now, with bulbs the faster I run the relay the dimmer L1 and the brighter L2.

When I replace L1 and L2 with identical 10-Ohm resisters, at the lower frequency L1 resister remains cold to the touch and the L2 resister is too hot to touch and becomes discolored.

2 - 12 Volt 12watt Automotive Bulbs at 20hz relay

2 - 6 Volt bulbs (low watt)

Circuit-Maker Computer Simulations: DC to DC re-cycler