Carbon Arc ElectroChemistry

Running an Internal combustion Engine on aquafuel
produced on demand !


An AquaFuel generator

Because of the stationary setup, The Fire between the
electrodes is burning some product before it can be collected.
More on AquaFuel


Here, water is pumped thru the arc.
MagneGas Plasma-Arc-Flow Reactors

As it turns out you can use tungsten electrodes and any carbon
compound that will mix with water like sugar(or slurrys)
and ARC's under gasoline or *oil* produce even more gas per watt
This is not *electrollisys(sp?)* like I learned in school
Nothing was ever mentioned about arcs under liquids in school.
Another point, is average power (watts) can be low in a pulsed
dc system as long as the peak power is hi
Tesla Wrote "dielectric breakdown is a much richer process in nature
than reported in the current literature"
Any Electric arc is dielectric breakdown

My REPLICATION, of Japans Hokkaido University
Ohmori and Mizuno, Cold? Fusion Reaction.
Described here

Reaction Movies
First attempt, using sodium - 676k
Second - 957k
Third - 2774k
Fourth - 4113k
Ramp power - 3278k
Potassium - 3849k
Potassium - 3800k

Next is measureing temp rise in water
vrs a resistive heating element...

update 6-14-2004
First Success