Does this look like its cold?
or, room temp?

"Thats impossible" has been repeated
for so long, Smartypants is brainwashed
and entertained into stupidity.

Power input measured 3 different ways,
even with a watthour meter like the one
that determines your bill each month!

The larger output is easy to reproduce...

click here to find out how

My REPLICATION, of Japans Hokkaido University
Ohmori and Mizuno, Cold? Fusion Reaction.
Described here

Reaction Movies
First attempt, using sodium - 676k
Second - 957k
Third - 2774k
Fourth - 4113k
Ramp power - 3278k
Potassium - 3849k
Potassium - 3800k

Next is measureing temp rise in water
vrs a resistive heating element...